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Tooro is a sub region that lies in western Uganda. It is, in the writers opinion, the best destination in Uganda and the most living worthy place on earth. 

Touristic by God’s design, it is central to some of Uganda’s most prime destinations including the Mighty Mountains of the Moon; the Rwenzori ranges, the famous and most visited Queen Elizabeth Game Park, Semliki game park with all its Glorified bird species list and famed as the true birder’s haven as well Kibale National Park widely known as the World’s Primates Capital. 

Tooro is also one of Uganda’s traditional Kingdoms under the leadership of Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, currently the world’s youngest monarch. The Kingdom is a culture hotbed with UNESCO naming Tooro’s empaako culture as an endangered intangible aspect. The people are soft spoken and very warm and welcoming to visitors. 

Fort Portal, is the Kingdom’s capital and the country’s Tourism City offering a wide range of world class accommodation including Kyaninga Lodge, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Nyaika Hotel and many others. 

As the local people love to say, Tooro Kokasemera. Literally meaning, Tooro you’re so beautiful. 


  1. Chimpanzees tracking 
  2. Sempaya Hot Springs 
  3. Village and nature walks 
  4. Empaako induction ceremonies 
  5. Hakyooto mukairirizi 
  6. Palace and Royal tours 
  7. Crater Lakes tours 
  8. Mountain and hill hiking 
  9. Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru 
  10. Bird watching 
  11. Fort Portal City landmarks tours 
  12. Crafts women visits 
  13. Candle making 
  14. Introduction ceremonies 
  15. Food tours 
  16. Dance, music and folklore 
  17. Game drives 
  18. Scenery viewing 
  19. Tea estates and coffee farm visits 
  20. Agro tours and farm visits 
  21. Empango annual celebrations 
  22. Cycling